Skip Arnold, Jenn Berger, Danie Cansino, Douglas Tausik Ryder






Skip Arnold, Jenn Berger, Danie Cansino, Douglas Tausik Ryder

Exhibition: November 13, 2021 - January 15, 2022

Reception: Saturday, November 13 from 5-8PM


Corporeality features four artists each presenting a single artwork using a different medium to interpret the human form. The show includes renown performance artist Skip Arnold (video), multidisciplinary artist Jenn Berger (sculpture), painter and tattoo artist Danie Cansino (painting) and sculptor Douglas Tausik Ryder (sculpture).

The body has for centuries been interpreted by artists in different parts of the world contributing their own ideas to how and why the human forms should be the subject of their artwork. The body has been featured for its symbolic meaning, as part of a narrative and it has also served as a starting point for artists to abstract from.

Picasso in his painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, was one of the first artists to look at a new way of presenting the human form by melding modern European painting with African tribal art. In this painting he subverts the tradition, opening up the possibilities to interpret art outside of a singular cultural tradition.

The artists in Corporeality have continued this interpretation and reinterpretation of the bodily form, each presenting it in their own style.

Skip Arnold has used his own body as the source for his art. His work has often been looked at as sensational and shocking, but there is also a delicate nature to his presentation that is underscored by a humorous yet poetic approach. Once you peel back the layers of his work, it becomes apparent that it is less about the body itself, and more about his own persona, revealing his real human vulnerability.

Jenn Berger is known for working in a variety of media and often, in a larger than life scale. Her inventive use of material is on full display in The Blob, a wonderful large scale sculpture that is reminiscent of the paleolithic sculpture Venus of Willendorf. Rather than purely representing a symbol of the human form, her sculpture’s extreme scale makes the viewer reflect upon his/her own body versus the gallery space and the grand sculpture, positioning it into a surreal dynamic. Berger’s work takes you on a journey into a world outside of your own reality catapulting you into a wonderland where everything is possible.

Danie Cansino a recent graduate from the USC MFA program is both a tattoo artist and an accomplished painter. Before starting her studies at USC, she apprenticed under the renown tattoo artist Big Ceeze. In her painting, featured in the exhibition, he can been seen tattooing Cansino. Her intriguing artwork presents the duality of her career as a painter and tattoo artist as well as portraying the high-low and the new-old of the multicultural mix of her own personal journey.

Douglas Tausik Ryder is known for his large scale wooden sculptures. For this exhibition he presents Venus the largest wooden yet sculpture he has created to date utilizing his CAD cam system. Although the work is initially created by a mechanical system its actually assembly, out of the dozens of individual pieces, is done by hand. There is very evident when one approaches the sculpture closely. The meeting point of one piece to the other creates a subtle pattern across the sculpture. Pattern meets Form in an assembly individuality sculpted components that form a greater whole. 

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