AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 24, 2022

Grant Mudford

Rosamund Felsen: A Photographic Essay

Exhibition Dates: August 27 to September 24, 2022

Reception: Saturday, August 27 from 3-6pm


Los Angeles, CA - PRJCTLA is pleased to present Grant Mudford in the gallery's first solo exhibition with the established Los Angeles-based photographer. Over the last few decades Mudford has been documenting the artists represented by the renown gallerist Rosamund Felsen in a unique look into her career as a dealer. 

The exhibition features a personal look into the artist’s practice through a series of over 80 color photographs of the artists in their studios. These unique images capture artists amongst their own work giving the viewer an inside look into their private domain; their studios where magic happens. 

Mudford personalized each image specific to the artist and their studio practice. His interplay with the idea of documentation and storytelling wonderfully tells the tales of the artist and their work.

In additional to the wonderful color photographs, the exhibition includes a series of large-scale black and white portraits of some of Felsen’s most renowned artists including Chris Burden, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy amongst others. These photographs were borrowed from the Santa Barbara Museum for this show.

This exhibition presents a unique look into the career of a gallerist through the eyes of Grant Mudford.  His vision not only documents Felsen’s story but also the story of each artist and their  individual creativity.

Although all of the players are not included in this show the viewer will have the opportunity to experience an important history of art in Los Angeles. 

In addition to Grant Mudford’s solo exhibition, PRJCTLA will feature the initial chapter of Carl Berg’s video documentary with Rosamund Felsen.