Opening May 18, 2024

_JaeHwaYoo:Untitled(24-7):2024:acrylic & ink on rice paper:11x30

Jae Hwa Yoo

New Drawings

Exhibition Dates: May 18 - June 22, 2024

Reception: Saturday, May 18 from 3-5PM

Los Angeles, CA - CMAY GALLERY proudly announces its inaugural solo exhibition featuring the work of Los Angeles-based artist Jae Hwa Yoo.

Yoo's artistry reflects a deep-rooted commitment to mark-making, evoking the esteemed Korean Abstractionist movement known as "Dansaekhwa," with which she is closely aligned. Having studied in Korea during the late 1960s, Yoo shares ties with influential figures of the movement, including Ha Chonghyun, Eun Hyong-Keun, and notably, Park Seo Bo, whom she regards as a pivotal influence.

In a previous solo exhibition just two years ago at PRJCTLA in downtown Los Angeles, Yoo showcased large-scale paintings featuring unstretched canvases that adorned the gallery's walls and floor.

For her upcoming show at CMAY GALLERY, Yoo embraces a more understated approach, presenting smaller-scale drawings. Despite their modest size, these intimate works resonate with the same power found in her larger pieces, offering a nuanced exploration of her artistic vision.

Created specifically for this exhibition and its unique space, Yoo's new drawings epitomize her lifelong dedication to mastering the art of painting. They represent the culmination of decades of artistic evolution, resulting in captivating works that blend contemporary sensibilities with a profound depth of experience.

Yoo draws inspiration from her memories of layered palimpsest calligraphy studies from her youth, which inform the delicate and intricate marks that adorn her drawings. These patterns create mesmerizing rhythms, akin to the minimalist compositions of Terry Riley. Yoo's recent shift towards longer and more linear markings reflects her ongoing artistic exploration, rooted in her early brush practice sessions.

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Katy Ann Gilmore, Lies Kraal, Douglas Meyer, Lainey Racah

Exhibition Dates: May 18 - June 22, 2024

Reception: Saturday, May 18 from 3-5PM

Los Angeles, CA - CMAY GALLERY is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, "Colore," featuring the works of four distinguished Los Angeles-based artists: Lainey Racah, Katy Ann Gilmore, Lies Kraal, and Douglas Meyer. Curated by Carl Berg, this group exhibition promises to be a captivating exploration of the multifaceted relationship between color and paint in contemporary art.

Inspired by his travels in Italy, where he discovered the rich linguistic duality of the word "Colore," Carl Berg embarked on a curatorial journey to showcase the interconnectedness of color and paint in an artistic expression. In Italian, "Colore" not only signifies color but also signifies the paint itself.

"Colore" invites viewers to immerse themselves in a visual feast that spans a spectrum of abstract artistic styles and techniques. From the serene expanses of color field painting to the dynamics of more gestural works, each artist brings their unique perspective to the exploration of color through paint.

At the heart of the exhibition lies a celebration of individual artistic voices, each resonating with a distinct approach to color and its application. Whether through meticulous brushwork, bold palette choices, or spontaneous mark-making, the artists in "Colore" invite audiences to witness the transformative power of color as it comes to life on the canvas.

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