Plein Air Views of the Desert Lighthouse Curated by Doug Harvey

Valley Plein Air Club
Paulette Humanbeing, John Kilduff, Victoria Reynolds, Jeffrey Vallance
Jenn Berger, Jimmy Chertkow, Nancy Evans, Jeff Gillette Daniel Greene, Katie Grip, Doug Harvey, Daniel Hawkins Tim Hawkinson, Marjan Hormozi, Kelsey Kuykendall Lorenzo Osterheim, Rick Potts, Dave Shulman Lily Simonson, Young Summers, The Dark Bob Alan Tofighi, Scotty Vera, Patty Wickman, HK Zamani

As an augmented reality to Daniel Hawkins’ Desert Lighthouse: V exhibition at PRJCTLA,the Valley Plein Air Club is pleased to offer VPAC X DLV: Plein Air Views of the Desert Lighthouse, curated by Doug Harvey.

Founded by Jeffrey Vallance, John “Mr. Let’s Paint TV” Kilduff, Victoria Reynolds, and Paulette Humanbeing, VPAC began by reviving the radical onsite in-person practice of the Impressionist painters in the context of Los Angeles’ legendary San Fernando Valley, but soon branched out to engage a variety of Western landscapes -- including Hawkins’ lighthouse at the edge of the Mojave Desert.

VPAC X DLV will include works by the core group, plus close to a dozen VPAC associate members, emphasizing the visual beauty of the Desert Lighthouse and adding yet another layer to its complex engagement with art history.